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Pump up the volume and save $8.00 with the Fat Hair Amplifying Kit!
  • Amplifying Hairspray •
  • Root Lifter •
  • Fat Hair Mousse •

Only $18.00!

  • Q: How often should I wash my hair?A: This is a very personal question. The frequency of washing your hair depends upon your lifestyle and hair type. If you are active and wash your hair everyday, Samy has a daily hair care system for you. If your hair is chemically treated, dry or damaged, Samy's Moisture Plus Shampoo and Conditioner will add moisture and texture, for full luxurious hair. For fine or limp hair, Samy's Full & Silky 2n1 Shampoo will add maximum body and shine.
  • Q: I have dandruff or dry scalp, is emergency hair treatment the product I should use?A: Definitely. If the scalp is dry, itching or flaking, deep conditioning treatment, with its intense revitalizing conditioner restructures and moisturizes without weighing hair down. For maximum effectiveness, it should be used once or twice per week. Use moist shampoo and conditioner as often as needed.
  • Q: Should I wash out the conditioner or leave it in?A: Always wash conditioner out unless the directions specify to leave it in. Samy's conditioners can be used with every wash and with no residue or build up, are light enough not to weigh your hair down.
  • Q: What's the big deal about residue and buildup?A: Residue and buildup is a big deal. It can leave a heavy, dull buildup on your hair. Samy's products are formulated without residue. The result - healthier, shinier and more lustrous hair.
  • Q: Where can I find your products?A: You can always order them off of our website, or check out our retail page to find a local retailer.
  • Q: If the packaging is defective? A: Just take it back to the retail store you purchased it from and have them exchange it. If you purchased a defective product off our website, just follow the return instructions in our policies section.
  • Q: Is the front end still drawing info from this part of the CMS?A: We won't know until we check and see.